Press and Interviews

Recently, Jimmy spoke with Simi Sara on her “Mornings with Simi” show, a Global News program on CKNW in Vancouver, about the risks and rewards of winter backcountry travel. With a couple of recent accidents resulting in fatalities with guided skiing operations in Canada, knowing more about operational and public avalanche forecasting can help the public be more informed about the events in the news.

March 2, 2023

Jimmy speaks with KNX In Depth’s Charles Feldman and Rob Archer about Gweneth Paltrow about going to trial after being sued for $300,000 by a man, Terry Sanderson, who says that Paltrow collided with him and injured him badly while she was skiing at a resort in 2016. Paltrow is counter suing for attorney fees and $1 in damages claiming that the collision was actually Mr. Sanderson’s fault. In Depth wants to know if this is common on the slopes and if there is anything that skiers can do to prevent this from happening to themselves.
March 21, 2023